Biggest Takeaways from EdTech Class

When I first entered my Educational Technology class, I will admit to feeling more than a little overwhelmed.  I have always considered myself technologically challenged, and being a student in a class centered on my weakness was daunting.  After five weeks of class, I am so thankful that I was forced to wrestle with this challenging area.

I have learned more than I probably realize yet.  In addition to gaining countless practical tools for improving my instruction, I feel more confident when using technology both personally and as a teacher.

My biggest takeaway from this class, though, is that technology allows for limitless creativity in teaching.  No longer is my planning and instruction limited by tangible resources and bound by the walls of my classroom.  Using technology, I can provide even more accommodations for students who need them.  Technology provides avenues for incorporating multiple modalities.  Despite the potential for inequities that may arise because of limited access to technology, when used carefully, technology can help remove inequalities and give all students voices.

Using the SAMR model to help think about educational technology, I can substitute technology into lessons, augment lessons with technology, modify lessons using technology, and even redefine activities in the class, creating projects that are only made possible by technology.  I love to think, I love to imagine, and I love that teaching is something that I can never overthink.  I’m excited to continue learning and imagining as I move forward on my journey as a teacher.

Some resources I have so far found particularly helpful are as follows:

  • Google Docs (see previous post)–the possibilities are endless
  • EDpuzzle–great for flipped lessons
  • Padlet–a virtual cork board that helps give students a voice
  • Screencastify–Chrome add-on that allows you to make a screencast.  Great for creating videos for flipped lessons or having students present research.
  • Google Forms–an easy formative assessment tool

Thanks for wandering through technology with me thus far!  I do hope to continue this blog, but with the future being unsure, I make no promises about what the future of this blog may be.  That’s okay, though, because even though I’m wandering through whatever comes next, not all who wander are lost 🙂


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